My name is Matt. Chicago, IL. I've been a Chicago Blackhawks fan for my entire life and will be until I die. My second teams are the Florida Panthers and LA Kings. My favorite hockey players are Jonathan Toews, Anze Kopitar, David Bolland, Stephen Weiss, Martin Havlat, Kris Versteeg, Dustin Brown, John Tavares, Michael Frolik, etc. I've been asked this a lot, I do play hockey (I'm a center). This page will have a mostly hockey based theme, besides music and other random things. I love KoЯn and Jonathan Davis. So if you have a problem with that I'm sorry there is an unfollow button. Nothing I post is mine unless I say otherwise. Ask me anything!!
Twitter: @24matters
~ Tuesday, August 14 ~
Tags: calgary flames jarome iginla alex tanguay mike cammalleri brent sutter
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